Core Beliefs

Granada's Beliefs

We believe there is one God Who lives in the community of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has revealed His identity in the creation, in the Scriptures, and fully and completely by coming to us in human flesh.

God created everyone to share community with Him, but from the beginning the first man and woman chose to go their own way. Since that time, human beings have sought their way home to communion with God. No one can find their way back.

As human beings, our separation from God has led to all sorts of brokenness and sin. Sin is not limited to one people or race. Every person, the entire human family, is touched by sin’s influence and power and lives with the need for God, for healing and forgiveness.

Because God is loving and merciful, God has freely chosen to redeem sinful human beings from every nation and people. This work of redemption has been made possible through the death of Jesus on the cross and the resurrection. Jesus died for us to bring us to God.

Receiving this redemption is also not a human achievement. It is a gift of God made possible through the grace of God, God’s love freely given. Human beings only come to receive this grace by faith, trusting in what Jesus has done.

By nature, human beings do not trust God. The faith to receive God’s grace is itself the result of the Spirit’s work in their lives. As people place their trust in what Jesus has done for them, they are “born again,” that is, they receive new life and are adopted by God into His family.

Since the grace of God is freely given, it can never be lost. Those redeemed by Christ can never lose their place in God’s family. They will be with him forever.

Through this love of God, redeemed sinners are forever united to Christ, they receive his righteousness, and they become a new creation. The grace of God enables them to live a new life of love and service.

When those redeemed by Jesus die, they will be in the presence of God forever. Those not redeemed will be separated from God and His Kingdom.

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are signs of the Kingdom of God. Baptism shows us what happens when the Spirit of God applies the grace of Jesus in the lives of people. The Lord’s Supper shows us our need to remember that our lives has come through the death of Jesus. It is a participation in Jesus Himself.

In fulfillment of the plan of God, the living Christ will one day return to earth, bring to fullness the plan of God for all creation, and fully establish His kingdom of love here on earth.

The message of the grace of God in Jesus is to be shared all over the world. Every person stands in need of forgiveness and grace from God. This task is the mission of those who belong to Christ.

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