6 Essentials

6 Essentials for Your Body Community Groups
6 Essentials for Your Body


Connect through community groups, meeting weekly for six weeks on different days of the week and varied locations. Groups meet in-person, online or in a hybrid format to share life, go through the series material, and encourage each other.

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This is a six-week journey to optimal health and a fulfilling life in Christ. Scriptures are rich with principles for our health, and our discussion of Biblical health stewardship will focus on 6 simple and practical concepts: body, community, nutrition, fitness, environment, and rest.

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This journey is offered with a practical, 6-week Transformation Challenge to help you in your journey. We will be providing a daily video with an inspirational message, health tips, and a workout plan that anyone may benefit from. The workout can be done with or without equipment.

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Join the 6 ESSENTIALS chat on the Granada App by tapping on the top right messages icon, then tap on Discover, and then join the 6 ESSENTIALS conversation. We can send encouraging messages and grow together using this great tool.


We will have a health and wellness check-in on Saturday, May 1st with a healthy breakfast, fun workout, body fat and weight check-ins, a nutritionist and physician on campus, music, and tons of fun to get our journey started. After the is complete, we will do a final check-in party with prizes for those who made the most significant transformations!