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Becoming Family: Church Membership

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As part of the PCA (Presbyterian Church of America), we observe formal membership. It is not necessary for you to become a member in order to attend our church. However, if you feel this is your home, becoming a member is like getting “married” to Granada instead of “dating.” There are benefits to being an official member that regular attendees don’t receive.

For those who wish to move forward and become members of Granada, here is the process:

The Process

First, become involved in the life of the church and be willing to commit to being part of the Granada family. Most people come into membership soon after beginning to attend worship.

Second, participate in Granada’s new members class, GranadaLife. Use this time to connect with others, and seek answers to questions you have about Granada’s beliefs and what it means to be a member of the church.

Third, you will be asked to share your Christian experience with a small group of elders and others from your class. We are a community of followers of Jesus, and we’d like to hear how you came to faith in Christ and also about what God has been doing in your life. This will help us better know how to serve you and also will enable us to begin to build stronger ties with you.

Fourth, you will be asked to stand before the congregation during one of Granada’s worship services and take vows of membership. These vows with a brief explanation can be found in the Appendix of the notebook. We take our commitment to walk together seriously, and we would love to have you join the fellowship.

During our class, one of the questions most asked is: what are the expectations of members of Granada? I want to know what I am signing up for! Here is what we ask of our members.


We make an effort to be clear about expectations for membership because the values of the Granada community are important to us. They help keep us together and focused on Christ.  This is not a legalistic thing. But, we have found that our community remains healthy as we live the commitments we make when we come together.

First, we expect to journey together as a people. This means spending time together in worship and at other times when the community gathers. We encourage each member to be present for worship on a regular basis and to find a small group to meet with as well. We would ask you to be proactive in working to connect with others. We encourage you to take the initiative to try a number of community groups and experiment with opportunities to serve. Our life together is born of a shared experience in Christ.

Second, we expect to share responsibility for maintaining the life and ministry of the church. Through serving and giving, Granada’s people support the congregation. We encourage you to give and to do so generously as a stakeholder at Granada.  

Third, we ask our people to support the direction of the church leadership. We choose our leaders at Granada through a nomination and election process. We also commit to follow those God has called to serve the church in places of leadership.

Fourth, we ask every member of the church to share in making the congregation a place of welcome and diversity. No one person can do this for the Granada family. Each of us are called to share the warmth of the love of Christ with people that come to Granada. We also have the privilege of inviting others to become part of the fellowship.

Finally, and most importantly, we ask our people to walk with Christ every day. The times we spend together as a congregation are only a small fraction of our lives. Our life together can only thrive if we are each walking with Christ and living out of the gospel in the city.

Our Commitments to You

On the other side of the expectations we have for each other are those commitments we make to each other. 

We commit to walk together. We don’t promise perfection but presence. We desire to share life together. That means we will be there with you no matter what you are going through in life. Of course, you can help the church in this by keeping us informed so that we may always be engaged.

We will provide spiritual care to you through shepherding, leading, and teaching. Through our worship services we commit to bringing to you God’s word of grace and through our ministry, we commit to providing spiritual and personal support. For those needs we cannot address, we will do our best to connect you with resources to assist you. Through the process, we will remain alongside you.

Members are able to vote in church matters and are part owners of our property. They are also the priority when financial help is requested from the Mercy Ministry. They are eligible to receive a discount at our preschool, Granada Day School.

Hopefully, this has been helpful! We will be a family to each other looking to Christ for the resources needed to love one another and to walk together in his grace.

Everyone Belongs Here!


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