Free to Give

Thank you for sharing the gifts God has given to you.
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What is financial freedom? No matter how much we have, there is always a drive to get more. By giving to others and to the mission of God we are demonstrating that God is important to us, killing the greed that can grow in our heart, and showing compassion to other people. We become free to give because Christ has freely given to us.

True financial freedom is

  1. Giving to the mission of the gospel
  2. Being content with what God has blessed us with
  3. Trusting in God for our future security

1 Timothy 6:17-19

Give Now

Creative ways to give: There are many creative ways you can give that will make a difference for generations to come. Take a few minutes to talk with a knowledgable professional who can help you find ways to maximize your gift to do the greatest good. | 305-444-8435 x 136

  • To give property, stocks, or other securities: Contact our finance office to receive instructions on how to make your gift go farther by donating stocks and property assets with a lower tax burden on you.
  • To include Granada in your estate planning: Contact our finance office to meet with an estate planning professional whose ministry is to help you build the future of Granada by including the church in your estate plan.

Wish you had more freedom to give? Many of us have the desire to give more but are burdened with debt or the unique expenses of living in Miami. We partner with Financial Peace University to teach people the skills they need to make a workable family budget, get out of debt fast, and draft a plan for increased generosity. Contact our office to enroll in a FPU class starting soon. | 305-444-8435 x 136