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College Students and Young Adults

Granada has created a place for young adults to find and connect with one another, share struggles and burdens, celebrate life, and learn more about what God is doing in our generation. We know the importance of having a place focused on the needs of our unique culture. This movement includes people from many walks of life including college students, graduate students, singles, married couples, and those who’ve just started a family. If you are wondering whether you’ll belong, you definitely do!

We enjoy monthly Worship Nights where we get together to sing and hear live music, listen to a special message, and break up into small groups for discussion.

We also have small group meetings conveniently scheduled on different days of the week to give everyone an opportunity to be in COmmunity. Wednesdays we meet at a home near Granada at 7 pm. Thursdays a different group meets in a local bar or music venue. Sundays our sports lovers meet at different soccer fields in the city. We hope you join one of these amazing COhorts of virtue!

We believe God can start a movement in your life.

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  • LET’S TALK – Small groups meet every other Tuesday. Get reminded via text!
  • Virtueco-Worship-nightSunday March 1 @ 6 pm // The Bible has pretty crazy stories. Why should we believe them?
    Don’t miss the opportunity to get this and other questions on the reliability of our faith answered at the upcoming worship night.

    VirtueCo Worship Nights
    VirtueCo worship nights are dynamic opportunities to experience the gospel, worship, and spend time in community. We bring up issues relevant to the young adults of the city, have healthy conversations about them, and always give the glory to God for bringing enlightenment and understanding to our hearts. You’ll get to hear live music from our VirtueCo band and food is always served. When you attend a VirtueCo Worship Night, you will receive the gospel – unfiltered. This generation of young adults likes to talk about issues upfront and that is what we are here for. God is present in everything, and we love exploring it.