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All of us at Granada want to support you during the pandemic by sharing several resources with you. Please browse below and if there’s anything your family needs, feel free to call our GranadaCares Hotline. God bless you, may we all come out of this trial stronger.

Questions? Call the GranadaCares Hotline

Financial care

If you (or someone you know) have lost your job or a significant part of your income. We want to provide support for you. We have access to healthy groceries, daily cooked meals, medical aid, and rent assistance. Please fill out this brief contact form for quick and confidential help.

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Spiritual Care

Granada is a supportive community of followers of Jesus Christ. When one of us rejoices, we all rejoice. When one suffers, we suffer together. The support of our community during times of stress and difficulty provides resources, giving added strength and peace. We know that we are not alone. We are walking together. How can you tap into these resources?

Please let us know how you are doing. Maybe you simply would like to pray with one of the pastors or you have fears to share. We stand ready to come alongside you. Alternatively, you can also text your message to 305-444-5376 or email to:  We can better serve each other if we know what is needed.

Pray. We find that when we are going through times of stress, God uses these moments as times of accelerated spiritual growth. God asks us to lean into our fears and draw closer to him and to each other as a result. We’d love to receive any requests you have for prayer and/or to have you share in this time of prayer for the nation and the world.

Participate Online. You can watch the services live or follow the link to watch the service afterward.

Online Services

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Family Care

We love our family, but being confined together in the same house under pressure for so long has caused some stress fracture to show. Don’t let these feelings take over your relationship or grow into something more hurtful to your family. We are here to provide support. Use this confidential form to contact our counseling pastor.

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Community support

The safe way to get delicious groceries while supporting local jobs.

Safely & conveniently order your groceries online from Threefold Cafe! You can have them delivered to your door or pick them up at Granada Church.

Bridge the gap between distributor and consumer, by providing a grocery service, available for pickup and delivery, that is safer, cheaper, and more convenient.

You may also order delicious prepared meals at a price you can afford. Let the Threefold family cook for your family!

Through this initiative, you:
Help local farmers and producers move their overflowing inventory to prevent food from spoiling.
Offer a safer, faster, cheaper, more convenient, and more sustainable method of buying groceries/food.
Help local employees keep their jobs.

#LiveOutGrace #ShopLocal

Affordable Meals Grocery Popup

Free meals for you.

Free Meals