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Inquirer's Class

Being a member of Granada means you have chosen this as your congregation, your church, your family.  Attending an Inquirer’s class is required for membership, but it is open to all who are interested in learning more about what we believe at Granada and the vision of our church. Pastor Worth Carson teaches the class. Inquirer’s Classes are available several times throughout the year, and usually the first half takes place on a Friday night and class is finished Saturday morning.

Discussion focuses on the functions of Worship, Learning, Fellowship and Ministry within Granada and commitment, individually and as a congregation, in each of these areas. An opportunity to complete a “Spiritual Gift Inventory” is given. This tool is designed to help a person become aware of the areas which God has given gifts for service in the body of Christ at Granada. Overviews of various ministries of Granada and opportunities to serve are given during the class.

Prospective members who feel that God is calling them to become part of the body at Granada will be asked to meet with the Session of the church for the membership interview. A personal Christian testimony will be included in that interview.

For more information or to enroll in an Inquirer’s class, please contact the church office at 305.444.8435 ext. 110 or email Everyone belongs here!

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