Beyond the Ordinary - Discovering the Miracles of Jesus

The Series

In our winter 2024 community group series, we’re focusing on the miracles of Jesus.
We will explore how He used these miracles to show His kingdom and help people. The study aims to help us see God’s presence and power in our world, and it’s a way to fight against the materialistic mindset in our culture. By looking at these miracles, we hope to realize the many ways God shows us kindness and grace.
Find a Community Group

Find a Community Group

Groups meet all over the city and on different days and at different times. Some groups are hosted in the homes of our church members, in restaurants, and others on campus.

Using the Guide

Using the Guide

Written by Pastor Worth, this guide outlines each week of the study. As you follow along with the weekly Sunday messages, you’ll find the corresponding week in the guide for discussion.

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Our goal for this study series is to…



the understanding of the gospel.

Learn Together

Learn together

 how the gospel is not only for salvation but also how what Jesus has done for us applies to every area of our lives.



our people to better apply the gospel from top to bottom in their lives.

Promote Conversations

Promote conversations

about the gospel that help us better understand what Christ has done for us, and how we can enjoy that today.

Pastor Worth Carson

The Teaching Pastors

During this 7 week series, you’ll hear from several of our teaching pastors. Each of them brings a unique, God-given approach to the week’s topic. You may follow along as they preach with the Fill In notes feature on the Granada Church app.

Pastor David McCloud
Pastor Jeff Sullivan
Pastor James Drake

Component Parts of the Series

Weekly worship services focusing on the gospel and gospel application.

Weekly groups in homes and on our Granada campus where we can discuss and apply what we are learning about the gospel.

A daily podcast with additional instruction to support what we are learning.


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Granada Church

Groups at Granada:

SUNDAY @ 10:00AM (Couples)
LEADER: James & Heidi Drake / Dave McCloud
Granada Room 201

SUNDAY @ 10:00AM
LEADER: Phil Binnie
Sanctuary Classroom

TUESDAY @ 7:00AM (Men)
LEADER: Worth Carson
Granada Fellowship Hall + online

WEDNESDAY @ 6:30PM (Youth)
LEADER: Evelio Vilches
Granada Loft

Sunday - Worth/Lindsay Barber

LEADER: Worth Carson
HOST: Lindsay Barber, 235 S Dixie Highway, #A-1405, Coral Gables 33133

Sunday - Knowles

LEADER: Greg & Lee Knowles
HOST: Knowles, 817 Santiago Street, Coral Gables 33134

Sunday - Ribeiros

LEADER: Higor Ribeiro
HOST: Ribeiros, 5700 SW 127 Avenue, #1118, Miami 33183

Wednesday - VirtueCo Women

WEDNESDAY @ 7:30PM (VirtueCo Women)
LEADER: Mary Milian
HOST: Milians, 6890 South Cartee Road, Palmetto Bay 33158

Thursday - Jeff

LEADER: Jeff Sullivan
Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza, 2626 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables 33134


Thursday - Pretel (Spanish)

THURSDAY @ 7:00PM (Spanish)
LEADER: Wilson Pretel & Claudia Pretel Rubio
HOST: Pretels, 8721 SW 54 Street, Miami 33155

Thursday - VirtueCo Men

THURSDAY @ 8:30PM (VirtueCo Men)
LEADER: Esteban Cardona
HOST: Cardonas, 8200 SW 41 Street, Miami 33155

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