Teach Us To Pray

Our community group series this winter will meet for six straight weeks February 19 through March 26. Our theme is prayer.

Granada’s Walk With Me initiative invites people to come together and share life.

Granada Church small groups are the place where life happens. We can know what Jesus says, but real spiritual growth happens when we do what he says. We grow spiritually when we’re connected relationally.

praying together

What is unique about community groups?

In community groups, people get together for 7-8 weeks in 2 different group cycles each year. Groups typically have 12-14 adults and meet in members’ homes or at church. The topics of study and discussion are written by the pastor and follow his weekly sermons.

Teach Us to Pray Sermons

The Series: Teach Us To Pray

We will:

  • Learn how to better connect with God through prayer.
  • Build a rhythm of practice in prayer.
  • Engage our people in consistent prayer going forward.
    (To increase our commitment to seek God in all things.)
  • Enjoy time with our heavenly Father more and more.

Series Duration

February 19 – March 26


Groups are available in various locations throughout the city, at different times and days of the week.

Why Is Prayer Important?

Prayer is the means God has given us to enjoy him, to know him, to participate in what he is doing in the world, and to bring everything to our heavenly Father. God gives us the gift of communion with him through prayer. It is the way we come to God and maintain our relationship with him.

This community group series will be different in that we will do what we are talking about. We will pray. Each week you will set aside time to pray. You will be able to use the prayers of God’s people or pray on your own.

Walk with me

Follow Along

February 19th – The Priority of Prayer
Text: Luke 18:1-8 (and various)
Theme: Jesus calls us to prayer; giving priority to time with God.

February 26th – Purpose of Prayer
Text: Romans 8:14–17
Theme: prayer is for intimacy with the God who loves us and has adopted us into his family; It is not for us or for God; but life with God; praying in the middle voice; participation with God; Coming to God as our loving Father.

March 5th – Grace and Prayer
Text:  Luke 11:1-13
Theme: God wants to give us good gifts; he is our loving Father; prayer is not convincing God to give us good things; it is coming to know the God that loves us in Christ.

March 12th – Pattern of Prayer
Text:  Matthew 6:5-13
Theme: How should we pray? What are the elements of prayer? Can we learn a pattern for our prayer?  ACTS. Adoration. Confession. Thanksgiving. Supplication.

March 19th – The Power of Prayer
Text: Acts 4:23-31
Theme: How prayer opens our eyes to the truth of God, and opens the way for the Spirit to work among us; Prayer connects us to the purposes of God.

March 26th – The Rhythm of Prayer
Text: Philippians 4:4-7
Theme: How talking with God and listening to him becomes the pattern of our lives; how we can engage the pattern each day.

Our Groups

SUNDAY @ 10:00AM (Couples)

LEADER: James & Heidi Drake / John & Ashley Barrios
LOCATION: Granada Room 201

SUNDAY @ 12:30PM (VirtueCo: Young Adults)

LEADER: Multiple
HOST: Cardona, 8200 SW 41 Street, Miami 33155 + Various
Lunch provided, please RSVP


LEADER: Worth Carson / HOST: Jon & Olivia Hammar, 8485 SW 168 Terrace, Palmetto Bay 33157


LEADER: Higor & Ana Ribeiro
HOST: Ribeiro, 5700 SW 127 Avenue, #1118, Miami 33183


LEADER: Phil Binnie
HOST: Cathy Zuckerman, 516 Jeronimo Drive, Coral Gables 33146
Joe & Suzi Stewart, 3919 Braganza Avenue, Coral Gables, 33133


LEADER: Greg & Lee Knowles
HOST: Knowles, 817 Santiago Street, Coral Gables 33134


LEADER: Paul & Meredith Puddington
HOST: Paul & Meredith Puddington, 14451 SW 124 Place, Miami 33186

TUESDAY @ 7:00AM (Men)

LEADER: Worth Carson
LOCATION: Granada Fellowship Hall + online

TUESDAY @ 6:45PM (Women)

LEADER: Beatriz Benzaquen
LOCATION: Granada Sanctuary Classroom

WEDNESDAY @ 12:00PM (Hybrid)

LEADER: Jeff Sullivan
LOCATION: Granada Café & on Zoom
Join via Zoom

WEDNESDAY @ 6:30PM (Youth)

LEADER: Evelio Vilches
LOCATION: Granada Loft

WEDNESDAY @ 7:00PM (Spanish)

LEADER: Jamid Jimenez & Pilar Robledo


LEADER: Juan Bolet

THURSDAY @ 9:00AM (Women)

LEADER: Sandy Carson
LOCATION: Granada Fellowship Hall

THURSDAY @ 7:00PM (Spanish)

LEADER: Wilson Pretel & Claudia Pretel Rubio
HOST: Wilson & Claudia Pretel, 8721 SW 54 Street, Miami 33155

(FULL/CLOSED) SATURDAY @ 4:00PM (Families)

LEADER: Jonathan & Lauren Cameron
HOST: Jonathan & Lauren Cameron, 15455 SW 82 Court, Palmetto Bay 33157
Kids are welcome and can play in the yard during group time.

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