God working in our lives at Granada.

Maria E

I just wanted to let you know I’m so grateful The Lord give me the opportunity to enjoy for many years being a member of the church. I miss You all! And please tell everyone I’m so proud of the work you guys have been doing there. You have open the doors to so many, and carried them up for them to be active and in Love with The Lord! Keep working hard for the Kingdom of God my friend, it is the only good and true thing. Lots of Love

Edson B.

My wife and I have recently joined the congregation and we were welcomed very warmly. We look forward to deepening our connection to the Church and its members.

Nelson R.

Great church with sound biblical theology and a Love for Jesus Christ and His People.


Great youth group, so accepting.

Hilda S.

Beautiful ⛪ church! The pastor shares in an easy way to understand. Amazing messages that transform hearts.💝 😊🙏The word of God is taught here.