GranadaU • Sunday Christian Education

Granada U

GranadaU • Sunday Christian Education

GranadaU is a unique opportunity for you to participate in classes of different topics during a semester-style period. Each class will be led by Granada pastors and leaders. Classes begin June 13. All classes are at 10am, perfectly in between services so you can either stay late or arrive early to attend class, depending on the service time you choose.

During the summer semester, the classes we are offering are:

  • Gospel Community
  • Sharing your Faith
  • Minor Prophets

GranadaKids! Time is available during GranadaU hours.

Living in Community

We hear the word “community” used a lot at Granada. What does it mean to live in community with other believers? What does community with Jesus at the center look like? That is what we dig into this summer. The goal is sharing our lives together and growing as members of the community of faith. Teachers: Nathan Adler, Phil Binnie, and Russell Jones

Sharing Your Faith

We hear the word evangelism and it conjures up a picture of someone on a street corner confronting people. That’s not a good or helpful picture of what sharing your faith is. This course opens the door for us to understand the gospel and the many ways it is shared. The result of this course will be finding many ways you can walk with people as they are coming to faith in Christ. Teachers: Juan Bolet and Russell Jones

Minor Prophets

In the Old Testament, God spoke through his prophets both about his plan for the future through the Messiah, and his will for their own day. This ten-week course surveys the history and message of the Minor Prophets: Hosea through Malachi. The class will focus on the historical, political, religious, and social events that shaped the ministry of the Minor Prophets and provided the impetus for their preaching. The aim of this course is to encourage us of the importance, relevance and applicability of the Minor Prophets and will reveal the cohesiveness of these 10 books with the whole of Scripture.

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