Live Out Grace

Miami influences the world. When we love our city, we change the world. One act of God’s grace can impact a life forever. One life can change a family for generations to come.

Volunteer at Granada

 There are many ways to donate your time to help others. See how you can help here!
Miami Partners

Our Local Partners

We partner with great organizations in Miami who serve the hurting, the victims, the young, and the hopeful. These people are doing wonderful things to show God’s love in our city.

International Partners

International Partners

We support great people who are living the good news of God’s love all over the world.

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Granda Missions Projects

We are excited to announce our Summer Mission Projects.

Trip to Puerto Rico with VirtueCo July 10-17

23 awesome people made their way to Puerto Rico to partner with 4 orphanages, the Mayor of Aguas Buenas, and the Happy Givers to serve the lovely people of Puerto Rico.

The Lord worked in phenomenal ways through our team. They painted and fixed homes and orphanages, distributed school supplies, created spaces for music and play, helped families that live in extreme poverty, and spent valuable quality time with abandoned children.

Trip Recap


Trip to Pucallpa, Peru November 10-17

We have been going to Pucallpa, Peru to support SAMAIR for years. You will be amazed at the impact of their operations all over the jungle.  Be ready for hard work as we rebuild structures, repair runways, and more. You will see amazing cultures and villages along the way. No experience necessary, a big heart and willing hands. $1200 includes flights, food, housing, and a memorable trip to Machu Pichu! The beauty, the culture, and the work will give you an experience you will never forget.

We would love for you to join us, but if you can’t go on one of these, you can give by clicking here.