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We Need Friends

by | Jul 24, 2023 | discipleship | 0 comments

In this compelling sermon by Pastor David McCloud, we journey back to the Upper Room during the poignant moments leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion. The focal point of the sermon revolves around the profound concept of friendship as presented in the book of John, Chapter 15. In a society where the term “friend” can sometimes be trivialized by social media, Pastor David delves into the true meaning and significance of friendship as elucidated by Jesus.

The passage begins with Jesus making a profound declaration in verse 13: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” This sets the stage for understanding the depth and essence of friendship. Jesus makes a transformational shift in the way he relates to his disciples, stating that they are no longer servants but friends. This signifies a move from a transactional and linear relationship to a more intimate, deep, and mutually trusting one.

The first key characteristic of a true friend, as expounded by Jesus, is the willingness to open up and share without holding back. Jesus emphasizes that he has revealed everything the Father has shared with him to his disciples. A friend is someone who confides and entrusts, removing barriers and fostering a sense of intimacy. This mirrors the foundation of the human need for relationships and the intrinsic value of companionship.

The second vital characteristic of friendship highlighted is its costliness. True friendships come with sacrifices and investments, and they are not devoid of challenges. Jesus underscores this by affirming that he is willing to lay down his life for his friends. This willingness to pay the ultimate price exemplifies the extent to which Jesus values and cares for his friends. The depth of the sacrifice mirrors the deep-rooted love and commitment in a genuine friendship.

Pastor David further illustrates this profound point by sharing a story of a teacher who significantly impacted a student’s life through love, kindness, and encouragement. The teacher’s unconditional support profoundly touched the student, and she even got the teacher’s loving words tattooed on her arm, illustrating the lasting impact of friendship and love. 

The sermon culminates in the understanding that as followers of Jesus, we are called to extend the same love and grace we have received to others. Just as Jesus chose and loved his disciples, we are now entrusted with the command to love and value others, demonstrating the beauty of being a friend.

In conclusion, the sermon by Pastor David prompts introspection into the true essence of friendship, echoing Jesus’ profound message of love, sacrifice, and the depth of companionship. It challenges us to embrace the divine model of friendship, characterized by openness, sacrificial love, and a commitment to invest in the lives of others, ultimately reflecting God’s boundless love for humanity.

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