About Our Leaders

Worth Carson, Senior PastorWorth Carson, Senior Pastor

Our senior pastor is Worth Carson and he served Granada since 1999. He is a native of Miami and loves the city. He prefers salt life: sailing, spearfishing, and kayaking. He studied in North Carolina, Scotland, Princeton, NJ and St. Louis. The wonder of the gospel remains a source of delight for him. He loves books and biographies, stories of all kinds, and strong black java.  His beautiful wife Sandy serves in children’s ministry at Granada. Together they have three grown children and two grandchildren. It’s true, he uses the name “Sam” when giving his name at restaurants because most people say, “Huh?” when they hear his real name. Check out his blog at https://dwcarson.wordpress.com/

David McCloudDavid McCloud, Associate Pastor

Our Associate Pastor, David McCloud can always be seen serving at Granada. He visits and counsels members of the Granada family during tough times and you can always find him Wednesday nights up in the Youth Loft teaching the middle school students. David is married to Mirelys and they have 3 wonderful children (Stephen, Madison and Luke).

Jeff SullivanJeff Sullivan, Executive Pastor

Jeff Sullivan is the Executive Pastor at Granada Presbyterian Church.  Granada’s mission is to display God’s grace to all people, and Jeff’s role is to promote that mission through the church’s finance, facilities, communication, and organizational culture.  He graduated with a theology degree in 1998 and completed an MBA at Nova Southeastern in 2013.  Jeff married a Miami-born Cuban, Cristina, and is the proud father of two sons (Isaac, 16 and Isaiah, 8).  He has served the Miami community for 19 years as an elementary school teacher, church planter, and as a pastor.  He is addicted to cafe cubano and loves the artistry of the amazing Miami food scene.

Jamid JimenezJamid Jimenez, Associate Pastor

Jamid Jimenez nació en Manizales Colombia y está casado con María del Pilar Robledo. Juntos tienen dos hijos, Sebastian y Samuel. A temprana edad su corazón fue abierto para el servicio como ministro del evangelio. Jamid fue ordenado pastor en la iglesia reformada de Cali donde sirvió por 10 años. Es graduado de MINTS (Miami International Seminar) donde terminó su MTS.  En 2007 fue ordenado TE en la PCA.  Jamid es pastor asociado De la Iglesia Granada en Miami. Siempre listo a servir, disfruta escuchar, leer, nadar, gusta del buen humor.

Ezequias AbreuEzequias Abreu, Assistant Pastor

Ezequias Abreu was born in Brazil where got married to Mara. They had one son, Hugo, who has been living in Heaven since 2011. Ezequias graduated in Theology and Social Sciences. For him, studying is a way to reach a deeper relationship with God; therefore, he completed a Master in Systematics, ThM, in Brazil and a Master in Living Reformed Theology, MA, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 1988 he was ordained as Pastor by the Presbyterian Church in Brazil and in 2013 he was received as a teaching elder member of the PCA. For him the best way to show his love for Christ is taking care of people.

Phil BinniePhil Binnie, Assistant Pastor

Phil serves as Assistant Pastor of Pastoral care. He is married to Deborah having four adult children who grew up in the Granada Youth ministry. Phil and Deborah have three grandchildren. Phil served at L’Abri Fellowship in Europe for six years, three alongside Deborah. He served veterans as a chaplain at the Miami VA Medical Center for over 30 years. As Assistant Pastor Phil leads groups, teaches classes, and ministers to the Granada family.

James DrakeJames Drake, Assistant Pastor

Rev. James Drake has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Samford University & a Masters in Divinity from Beeson Divinity School.  He is commissioned as a Chaplain in the Army Reserves by the National Association of Evangelicals and as a Missionary by Cru. James is a teaching elder for the Presbyterian Church in America and serves as an Assistant Pastor at Granada Chruch in Coral Gables, Florida. He also sits on multiple boards including the Florida Faith Council, the National Christian Foundation’s “Explore Foster Miami” Donor Advised Fund, City to City Miami, Pumped for Change, Worldviews International, and Explore God Miami. James and Heidi Drake enjoy traveling around the USA speaking at Family Life Weekend to Remember Marriage Conferences and leading the couples ministry at Granada. They are also the authors of “6 Essentials for Your Body” a workbook and community group series on Biblical Health Stewardship. James and Heidi have four children and a foster baby. You can follow the Drake family on social media @jamesbryandrake or at www.jamesandheidi.com 


Teaching Elders

Worth Carson
Jamid Jimenez
David McCloud
Jeff Sullivan
Ezequias Abreu
Phil Binnie
James Drake

Ruling Elders

Nathan Adler, Clerk
Jaime Fernandez
Bob Hickson
Russell Jones
Taylor Larson
Jorge Milian
Carlos Ruiz
Rey Sanchez
Joseph Stewart
Juan Tejeda
Angel Valdes


Ed Claughton
Relman Diaz
Oscar Dominguez, clerk
Tirso Ferrer
Allan Gubbins
Jon Hammar
Erik Hofmeyer
Greg Kaplan
Greg Knowles
Andrew Lindberg
Tim Lokash
Nathaniel Melvin
Angel Menes
Wilson Pretel
Paul Puddington
Ruben Reyes
Benjamin Ruetenik
Walter Shikany
Achille Sime
Ricky Velez