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Jane Haywood, Wedding Coordinator
305-444-8435 Ext. 110

The Wedding Coordinator is available via phone or email Tuesday-Friday and by appointment only Saturday-Sunday.

Reserve your dates!

Jane Haywood, Wedding Coordinator
305-444-8435 Ext. 110 //

The Wedding Coordinator is available via phone or email Tuesday-Friday and by appointment only Saturday-Sunday.

Granada is a magnificent Miami church located in Beautiful Coral Gables. We offer a full range of wedding services in one of the few Miami churches still featuring classic church architecture. Granada provides a wedding venue that is both elegant and highly photogenic both inside and out. Let Granada weddings make your special day exceptional.
Granada Weddings Sanctuary

Granada Wedding Information


Rooms available for use by the bride and groom are as follows:

  • The Sanctuary — accommodates up to 722 people.
  • Fellowship Hall — accommodates up to 290 people for receptions and 135 if seated at tables.
  • Bride’s Room — accommodates the bride and her attendants with an adjoining restroom.
  • Family Room — accommodates the groom and his attendants with a restroom downstairs in the Choir Room.

Wedding Coordinator

As part of the wedding fee, a Wedding Coordinator will be provided to you by Granada Presbyterian Church. If you choose to hire an outside coordinator to assist you with your wedding they are welcome to attend, however, they will be accompanying our staff throughout the planning process and on the wedding day. Our wedding coordinator will perform the following tasks as a part of their service to you:

  1. Personalized tour for the bride and groom of the property and facilities.
  2. Notify you within ONE week of receipt of your wedding request form.
  3. Coordinate with the bride and groom’s special needs and wishes.
  4. Meet with the bride for an informational tutorial to discuss vendors, wedding specifics, and dates.
  5. Direct the rehearsal and wedding.
  6. Serve as a liaison between you and the church and help with set up instructions.
  7. Be available to answer any questions prior to your wedding.
  8. Oversee decorating to adhere to church guidelines and your specific tastes.
  9. Direct activities and help plan the schedule if you have your reception at Granada.
  10. Oversee catering, preparation, and set up in the event you have your reception at Granada.
  11. Will be on-site during all wedding preparations and activities.

Granada Weddings - MinisterWedding Officiant

You are welcome to have your own pastor perform the ceremony, however, they must be an ordained minister. If you would like to use our pastor, it is an additional $350 and includes premarital counseling.

Premarital Counseling

We want your marriage to get off to a great start, therefore we require every couple to go through premarital counseling. Please make arrangements with the minister who will be conducting the ceremony to instruct you on his requirements for counseling sessions. After you complete premarital counseling with your pastor, please make sure to give the wedding coordinator a letter from the pastor/counselor saying that you and your fiancé have completed your sessions.


The wedding license must be given to whoever is officiating at the required rehearsal and not on the wedding day. All persons participating in the wedding ceremony should plan to attend the rehearsal. The rehearsal will last one hour and may be booked through the Wedding Coordinator. We will start on time so please remind all attendees to take into account traffic and time of day. We would urge the members of the entire wedding party to remember that throughout the rehearsal and wedding they are in a place dedicated to the worship of God.

Photographer/Videographer Information

  • All photographers/videographers are free to contact the Wedding Coordinator if they have any questions or concerns.
  • Before the wedding, photographers/videographers are free to film anywhere on the church property.
    Flash and/or lights are permitted.
  • During the processional, photographers/videographers may use flash.
  • Video equipment may be used from the balcony or the doorway to the choir loft, but ONLY if no additional lights are used.
  • No flash photography or extra lighting is to be used during the wedding ceremony. Photographers/videographers do not have to remain still but they can only move up and down the aisles. They may not be on the carpeted area in front of the first pews. If they would like to be on stage, they are not allowed to move unless the bride and groom are moving. Tripods are permitted.
  • During the recessional photographers/videographers are free to move about as long as they do not interfere with the recessional or block the view of the guests. Flash and extra lighting are permitted at this time.
  • After the wedding, photographers/videographers will be given time to re-stage any part of the wedding ceremony they wish and are free to film anywhere on the church property. Flash and/or lights are permitted.
  • All filming and photography must be completed within your allotted 2-hour time slot. See the Wedding Coordinator to verify the time you must be finished.

Granada Weddings - FloristFlorist/Decorator Information

  • The florist, or decorator, must notify the Wedding Coordinator at least 2 days in advance of the desired time to decorate, so that arrangements may be made for the Sanctuary (and/or Fellowship Hall) to be open.
  • The Sanctuary is, by design, a place of beauty and dignity. Therefore, we request that simple decorations be used in order to maintain a worshipful atmosphere.
  • No nails, screws, tacks, wires, rice, confetti, or comparable materials may not be used in the Sanctuary or on the property at any time.
  • Only candles supplied by the church may be used. The only exception, if you desire, is a personal unity candle.
  • The use of 4 candelabras is included in the price of the wedding. After this, there is a $10 fee for each extra candelabra you desire. The Wedding Coordinator will help you work out the details.
  • Flowers or greens placed on the floor must have protection under them to keep dampness from staining the carpet.
  • Flower girls may drop silk petals only.
  • The Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall, if necessary, will be air-conditioned a reasonable length of time before the wedding, rehearsal, and reception.
  • Please have the Sanctuary decorated at least an hour before the ceremony.
  • There are flower arrangements available to rent for a fee. See the Wedding Coordinator for more information on utilizing this service.

Bride’s and Groom’s Rooms

A bride’s room is available for the bride and her attendants to use for dressing and waiting prior to the service. A room can also be reserved for the groom and his groomsmen. The church is not liable for any items left in either room before, during, or after the ceremony. If you choose to use either of these rooms, please be courteous and leave them in the same fashion as when you arrived.

Granada Weddings Reception Fellowship HallReception

  • For any reception in the Fellowship Hall or any other room of the church, the approved caterer must contact the Wedding Coordinator at least 2 weeks in advance and meet with the Wedding Coordinator concerning:
    • Certificate of insurance & signed release of liability
    • The time Fellowship Hall is to be opened for food preparation
    • Any tables or other church equipment to be used
    • The time of arrival of food, storage of food, etc.
  • The caterer must supply linens, plates, cups, silverware, and serving pieces. Granada will provide coffee urns and punch bowls.
  • The Granada facilities staff will set up the tables and chairs prior to your wedding. Please communicate with the Wedding Coordinator the room setup you desire so we can plan accordingly.
  • All receptions are given a 4 hour time slot from start to finish. After the 4 hour reception, you have 1 hour to clean up.


  • No alcoholic beverages are to be served or consumed on the church premises at any time. It is expected that members of the wedding party will refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages before, during, and after the rehearsal, wedding ceremony, and reception, as long as they are anywhere on the church property.
  • Smoking is prohibited on church property.
  • Extended Service Fee: If you would like extra time above the allotted 2 hour time slot for the ceremony or 4 hour time slot for the reception, contact the Wedding Coordinator to make arrangements. The 2 hour ceremony time slot includes 1 hour prior to the ceremony, 1/2 hour ceremony, 1/2 hour post-ceremony photos and clean up.
Granada Weddings Miami
Granada Weddings Miami
Granada Weddings Side Exterior

Request Form / Approval

In order to be approved, you need to submit the Request Form and have a brief interview with one of our pastors. A security deposit of $500 must be paid at the time of booking. The security deposit is refundable only if the wedding ends on time and there is no damage to the church property. After your wedding has been approved, you will meet with the wedding coordinator to go over the details of your special day. Click here to fill out the Request Form. For a free appointment with the Wedding Coordinator email or call 305-444-8435 Ext. 110. The Wedding Coordinator is available via phone or email Tuesday-Friday and by appointment only Saturday-Sunday.

Your wedding should be one of the happiest and most sacred moments of your life. We pray for God’s richest blessings upon your union and that Jesus Christ will be honored and exalted in your home. We trust that mutual agreement on these procedures and policies will help make this joyous occasion beautiful, worshipful, and memorable.

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