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Community Groups

7-8 week long group cycles, meeting at homes or at church.

Granada Church community groups are the place that life happens. People get together for 7-8 weeks in 2 different group cycles each year. Groups typically have 12-14 adults and meet in members’ homes or at church. The topics of study and discussion are written by the pastor and follow his weekly sermons. We share life, bear each other’s burdens, and participate in service opportunities. To join a group, contact Jane Haywood at

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Current Community Group Series: “Identity: Who Am I?”

What makes me the person I am? Who am I? These are basic questions. But, they are also crucial questions in determining how each of us will live.

Our upcoming community group series, entitled “Identity,” will explore what it means to be known by God and to have our identity as God’s children. Groups begin on the September 16th and go through the first week in November.

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